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A Remembrance Page is created FREE for each person, so you can help build a unique 'tree of memories' for others by leaving a message or a fond memory, refreshing flowers or lighting a candle on a page today. What you do and say, does make a difference! 

Carterton Ballooning Tragedy - 7 January 2012
Christchurch Earthquake - 22 February 2011
Pike River Coal Mine Explosion - 19 November 2010
Mangetepopo Gorge Canyoning Tragedy - 15 April 2008
Cave Creek Platform Collapse - 28 April 1995
Mount Erebus Air Crash - 28 November 1979


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  • Cook, David Ernest view
  • Cooper, Colleen Esther view
  • Coulthard, Mary COnstance view
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  • Curreen, Clarence Edward view
  • Curtis, Donald James view
  • Darrell, Kareen view
  • Deason, Norma Catherine view
  • Downes, Betty Rosemarie view
  • Drain, Charles Duncan view
  • Edwards, Joyce Glover view
  • Evans, Patricia Ellen view
  • Farac, Marko view
  • Fitzgerald, Paul view
  • Galbraith, Raymond Marshall view
  • Gardner-Ranby, Cecily Denise view
  • Gartner, Chris Daniel view
  • Gittos, Murray Benjamin view
  • Goldsmith, Eric Lionel view
  • Goodison, Henry Douglas view
  • Goodwin, Jean Marie view
  • Greville, Anthony Milton view
  • Gwynne, Monica Helen view
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