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A Remembrance Page is created FREE for each person, so you can help build a unique 'tree of memories' for others by leaving a message or a fond memory, refreshing flowers or lighting a candle on a page today. What you do and say, does make a difference! 

Carterton Ballooning Tragedy - 7 January 2012
Christchurch Earthquake - 22 February 2011
Pike River Coal Mine Explosion - 19 November 2010
Mangetepopo Gorge Canyoning Tragedy - 15 April 2008
Cave Creek Platform Collapse - 28 April 1995
Mount Erebus Air Crash - 28 November 1979


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  • Adcock, Ruth Maria view
  • Andrew, Graeme Reginald view
  • Banks, Roland William view
  • Bateman, Gregory John view
  • Bennett-Eades, Ralph Allan view
  • Blackmore, Stanley Arthur view
  • Boulton, Coral Wallace view
  • Broad, Charlotte Rose view
  • Brooks, Diana Lynette view
  • Brunton, Eric Richard view
  • Burgess, Judith Anne view
  • Campbell, Bella Tangiora view
  • Carroll, Yvonne Noreen view
  • Chaber, Marian view
  • Cotton, Susan Jane Bronte view
  • Dalton, Doris Mary view
  • Davidson, Mary Hilda view
  • Dee, Ruby Lillian view
  • Dowling, Eileen Bride view
  • Drower, Frederick William view
  • Edgar, Pat view
  • Edwards, Michael James view
  • Eketone, Charles Rewi Milne view
  • Eykel, Barry Stephen view
  • Fleming, Alice Leona view
  • Foote, Ian Barton view
  • Geeves, Douglas Alvin view
  • Gillespie, Patricia Joy view
  • Gilmer, Fraser James view
  • Glucina, Marjorie Ina view
  • Grant, Helen Mae Trewhella view
  • Harris, Joan Arlene view
  • Hegarty, James Francis view
  • Hutchings, Lawrence view
  • Jemmett, Alister Bruce view
  • Johnson, Linda Dorothy view
  • Kalff, Kevin Graeme view
  • Kay, Ruth view
  • Kennedy, Selina Sally view
  • King, Katherine Dallenger view
  • Kunac, Beryl Stephanie view
  • Leighton, George Kenneth view
  • Leonard, Oriana Bernadette view
  • MacFarlane, Murray James view
  • MacRae, Murdoch George view
  • Mannering, Douglas Gordon John view
  • Mapp, Margaret Heather view
  • McCloud, Henrietta Loretta view
  • McDonald, Leo Joseph view
  • McIlwrick, Albert John view

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