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A Memory Tree provides its users with a unique range of services to help record, share and remember special moments, events and people. Many of our services are free.

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Services & Fees Schedule

Name Search

Search our database of all the names published in newspaper notices since December 2006. we collect over 29,000 death listings each year, over 90% of all deaths in NZ.

  • Locate a person using name search FREE

Newspaper Search

Search our newspapers to view all the names published on specific dates. We read 26 New Zealand newspapers every day.

  • Search newspapers FREE

Death Notice Summaries

Order a summary of any notices that are linked to a person - view example. Save time and money when searching for vital information.

  • Death Notice Summaries start from NZ $9.90

Email Alerts

Looking for someone? Genealogists, lawyers, anyone tracking family information will find our email alert service second to none. You will receive an email every time a name matches your search, often on the same day it is published in the newspaper. There is no limit to how many alerts you book.

  • First Search - 12 month email alert service FREE
  • Other Searches - 12 month email alert service NZ $2.90
  • Bronze Package (up to 250 names) - 12 month alert service NZ $99.00
  • Silver Package (up to 500 names) - 12 month alert service NZ $149.00
  • Gold Package (up to 1000 names) - 12 month alert service NZ $249.00
  • Corporate Packages (over 1000 names) please contact us for quote

Memory (Remembrance) Pages

For every death listing we gift a Memory Page for that person.The page is opened for free for 21 days and anyone can leave a message at this time - there is no charge to leave messages. All entries are monitored by our readers before being released on the page and these messages are bound by our code of ethics.

After the 21 days the page requires sponsorship to stay open (see Sponsoring below) and provides a lasting gift to the family and friends.

  • List a Death Notice (Funeral Homes and Newspapers only) FREE
  • Leave a Message on sponsored page FREE
  • Use Message Library for poems and quotes FREE
  • Open an archived Memory Page for 24 hours NZ $6.90

Sponsoring a Memory (Remembrance) Page

A Memory Tree creates Memory Pages at no cost. These pages are opened by us for 21 days and FREE for anyone to leave messages. After the 21 day period, the page is archived. It requires a sponsor to reopen it, providing unlimited space for others to use at no charge over the chosen sponsorship period. These charges cover our storage of the Memory Page contents and our message monitoring service.

  • Open for 24 hours NZ $6.90
  • One Month NZ $14.90
  • Three Months NZ $24.90
  • Six Months NZ $34.90
  • 12 Months NZ $44.90

Refund Policy

Please read our terms and conditions. Our refund policy is covered in clause 13.5 - If a user terminates their membership, any pro-rata balance remaining will be refunded to the credit card that made the purchase less a NZ$10 manual processing fee payable to A Memory Tree. If the membership is terminated by A Memory Tree for any reason whatsoever, then it shall be at A Memory Tree's sole discretion whether to provide the refund.


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