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Shaun Taylor

03 Oct 1964 - 28 Dec 2021

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  • First Names:Shaun
  • Last Name:Taylor
  • Age:57y
  • Country:New Zealand
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Tragically Shaun passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from a medical event in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He was the loved and loving father of Dawn (UK) and Billy and Chelsea (Dunedin). He was also loved by his partner Tech (Siem Reap) and was a dear friend, comedian and mischief-maker to many.
The family would like you to leave messages and memories on this page in order to preserve them for the future and share them with the grandchildren who sadly will not know get to know him in person.
Forever missed, never forgotten.

  • My Right Hand Man and Long Time Friend

    When I recruited Shaun Taylor to be my right hand man at the University of Otago many years ago, I liked him immediately and he had a wealth of knowledge to tap into. I knew he would be a great asset and would fit into our (and the wider) team and serve our clients very well, but at the time I didn't realise he would be so loyal, friendly, fun and social. And I would gain a long-time friend. You couldn't help but be drawn to Shaun. He had a way of bringing people together - especially with laughter and hot and spicy food. And the Singapore Scorpion chilli! We supported each other through some personal ups and downs as well as the obvious work related pressures and changes. My wife Anita and I have both kept in touch with Shaun since moving to the UK and have admired Shaun's carefree attitude, ability to live life to the full and to follow his dreams. His patience while he waited to be able to return to Cambodia was admirable. You could see it on his face how much he wanted to be there. Now! Eventually he got back there, set himself up and he had some amazing adventures which we had the pleasure of following on-line or catching up for a chat, comparing life in the UK versus Cambodia. Shaun, we are just devastated that you are gone. Your impact on our lives, and knowing the great guy that you are is a blessing. We will never forget you, your grin, sense of humour, love of music, wine and Cambodia. Rest in peace. Fraser and Anita Foster, East Sussex, UK

    Fraser Foster. Seaford, United Kingdom.

    Saturday, Jan 01, 2022

  • A good bugger lost too soon

    Shaun we have been through highs and lows. We have laughed and cried but never argued. From boys nights to boating, rugby to roulette we have shared so many experiences together.

    The night of the rugby in Dunedin with my dodgy french is a stand out or the Americas Cup and our boat being buzzed by Ineos. Too many to write down but love you bro was your last message and pretty much sums it up..

    I will miss you mate

    Andrew Protheroe. Auckland, New Zealand.

    Friday, Dec 31, 2021

  • One of life’s good guys

    I’ve known Shaun for coming on 11 years. A fellow Brit here in NZ and a genuinely funny and awesome human being. It’s broken my heart to find out about his sudden passing. To think we’ll never get to talk rubbish about our football teams over a curry again leaves a hole in my life that will be hard to fill! I’m going to forever miss his humour, his kindness and that grin of his that lit up his whole face and made his eyes full with fun. We’d often talk about our kids and I knew how much he adored his and would do anything for them, just as he’d do anything for any of his mates! I didn’t know him for long enough but we were instant mates and mates for life. I was so pleased for Shaun when he found his happy place over the last few years and found fresh love in Cambodia. I know how happy it made him, just as I know how big a hole he is leaving in the lives of us who were lucky enough to know him and to love him for the cheeky larrikin that he was. Always and forever in my thoughts Shaun. You were one of the best. Rest In Peace my friend xx

    Richard Knights. Dunedin, New Zealand.

    Wednesday, Dec 29, 2021

  • Losing people when you least expect it sucks

    Losing people when you least expect it is truly hideous. Shaun Taylor was my brother-in-law and father of my niece and nephew. Shaun and I became friends despite unsurmountable odds at times. We caught up when we could but mostly we shared a common love of his children. I know he loved them immensely and will never be forgotten by them and hundreds of others who got to share in his cheeky sense of humour. RIP buddy.

    Sue Skeet. Timaru, New Zealand.

    Wednesday, Dec 29, 2021

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