How are deaths verified?
    Deaths are verified by viewing the death notice directly from the publishing newspaper or funeral home. There is no fee to newspapers or funeral homes to list this information with us.

    Do the notices appear on the same day the newspaper is published?
    The information in the daily newspapers are added to our site on the same day they are published. Sometimes there are delays receiving the papers and processing can take upto seven days after publication date.

    I can't find the death notice on the newspapers website?
    Not all newspapers put death notices online and others only for a short period. A Memory Tree uniquely records all death notice information and is able to provide Notice Summaries for most.

    Why can't A Memory Tree just give me a copy of the death notice?
    Copyright Laws in New Zealand are very strict. We can not provide copies of death notices without potentially infringing the authors copyright entitlement. However, we do provide summaries of the notices.

    How come death notices appear on some memory (remembrance) pages, but not others?
    We only place a death notice on a Memory Page when the funeral home or immediate family send them to us directly.

    How far do your records go back?
    We have been recording all daily newspaper death notices since December 2006.

    How many listings are there on the site?
    Each year in New Zealand over 30,000 people die, we list no less than 90% of these deaths.

    I want to list a death with you, can I do it?
    Yes. We accept death notices directly from the funeral director or a publishing newspaper as it is important for our site users that all information is valid and true. Please contact the attending funeral home and ask them to provide us with your loved ones details. Or contact us directly by email theteam@amemorytree.co.nz to organise an alternative verification of death.

    I am a Funeral Director, how do I send a death notice to you?
    Please contact us by email funeralmatters@amemorytree.co.nz, or call us on +0064 21 226 3054. There is no charge for listing a death notice with us.

    How do I get help if information about a death listing is not correct?
    Incorrect death listings are removed from the site. or corrected, as soon as we are made aware of them. To list one is a breach of our terms and conditions and code of ethics; this is why we refer to reliable sources or information supplied by funeral homes before listing an individual as deceased. We do view this matter seriously and will, in some circumstances, prosecute or report misuse to the authorities. If you have a query, contact us by emailing theteam@amemorytree.co.nz.

    What happens to any personal information I supply?
    Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you! Any email address or personal information that you provide will only be used for the purpose for which you provided it and agreed upon when accepting our terms and conditions. Please read our privacy policy as it ensures your information is not shared with any third parties.

    Who operates A Memory Tree?
    This website is privately owned and operated. The offices are based in New Zealand and the site is currently managed by its founder.

    Who are the people behind it?
    A Memory Tree was founded after a series of personal losses in 2005 and 2006. We saw the need to help record precious memories and family stories for future generations. 

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