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Darren (48) and his son Joshua (11) tragically died while diving off the Wairarapa coast

They were snorkelling at Mataikona, north of Castlepoint, when they went missing and had been part of a party of four who had gone out to the coast on a day trip.

After an extensive search, their bodies were retrieved the following day.

Darren was the father of two children.

RIP Darren.

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    • Blaine woods

      Darren was my best friend at primary school (Cornwall street). I live in Australia now and was googling Darren to contact him after all these years. I am devastated that this is what turned up. I am so sorry for everyone who love Darren - he was the best mate I could have had and by what I have read grew in to a well respected and very much loved man.
      My condolences to his family this is a huge loss

      Blaine Woods. Brisbane, Australia . Monday, January 20, 2020

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