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Mason (19) was a resident at the University of Canterbury hall of residence hostel, Sonoda, when he died. Tragically he lay deceased for up to eight weeks before being found by fellow students. Mason was a former high school student of Scots College in Wellington, had been a member of their rowing team and is remembered as a confident guy. A full independant investigation into the hostels duty of care was launched by the University following this unbeliveable tragedy and the revelation that other students in previous years who had suffered from stress, loneliness or depression, and been unaccounted for for weeks, had gone unnoticed and unsupported. RIP Mason.

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    • Dear Mason

      I hope you are at peace now. I hope you didn't suffer when you were alone for so long.I am so sorry that no one came for you and i hope this doesn't happen again to a young person who has all their life to lead. My boy is at Vic Uni in Welly. He still sleeps with his soft toy dog so i am leaving you a teddy. Cuddle him he will keep you safe.

      Jan Hegarty. Christchurch, New Zealand. Thursday, October 03, 2019

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