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    Last Name:Wahine Ferry Sinking - 10 April 1968
  • Death Date:10 April 1968
  • Country:New Zealand
  • Published Notices:(0)
  • ID:291295

This page is dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the Wahine disaster (53) and Cyclone Giselle (3) on the 9th and 10th April 1968.


ADAMSON, Ross James Arthur
BAIN, Herbert Athol (46)
BEAR, Leah Edith (62))
BECK, Margaret Morrison (64)
BRIGHTWELL, May Elizabeth
BURTON, Frederick (65)
CLARK, Elizabeth Ann (72)
COHEN, Bertha (64)
COX, John Alfred (47)
DOIG, Cecil Noel (65)
DUNCAN, Oswald Colin (60)
EMMETT, Margaret (37)
ERIWATA, Jessie Elizabeth (65)
EVANS, Olive Daisy (66)
FOLKARD, Cristobel Evelyn (50)
FREITAS, David Frank Errol (60)
GOODMAN, Leslie Reginald (65)
GUTSHLAG, Neil Douglas (20)
HICK, Alma Anne (3)
HICK, Gordon
HICKMAN, Henry Thomas (58) )
HICKS, Philip Stephen (2)
HILL, Maisie Mowat (63)
HOWARD, Kathleen (74)
HUMPHREY, John Baden/Bader (50)
JEFFREY, Mary Agnes (71)
JOHNSON, Colin Raymond (6)
LANDRETH, Gladys May (59)
MARSHALL, Veda Catherine (64)
McKAY, Elizabeth Mary (71)
McKEE, Beatrice Ellen (72)
MERTON, Agnes Gertrude Stonyer/Stonehewer (79)
METCALF, Ann(e) Beatrice (62)
MITCHELL, Helen Patterson (45)
O'LOUGHLIN, Rose Annie (79)
PAGE, Benjamin Joseph (77)
PAGE, Elizabeth (70)
ROBERTSON, Wallace Allen/Allan (26)
RUTLAND, Alfred Gould (77)
SMITH, Margaret Calder (62)
TABUTEAU, Mary Elizabeth (64)
TOWNSEND, Brian Richard Churchill (23)
TURNER, Ethel May (50)
TURNER, Truby Lionel (55)
WASSON, Cecil James (58)
WILLIAMSON, Beryl Mary (59)
YEE, Hong Yue (70)


HOUNSELL, Howard Alexander (53)
MORAH (MORRAH). Christopher John (21)
MURPHY, George Vincent Austin (56)
ROSS, John Spencer (33)
SAYERS, Laurie Angus (29)
SYMONS, Samuel Stewart (55)
UDELL, Robin Lester (21)


BAIN, Herbert Athol (46)
BELLIS, Deborah Christine (7)
TAYLOR, Clarence William (60)

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