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    • Stuart, Cheryl, Ronald Ann and girls, John and Fred and families

      We are so sorry to hear the news of the loss of your son and brother, George. Just want to let you know that we have you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. It is times like this occasion that we wish we lived nearby to help out in any way we could. Thsee days will be a struggle but in time, may you remember all the treasured memories you have had over the years. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting George, I saw a picture of him and oh my, how it reminded me of both Stuart and Cheryl (that i met and worked for a few years ago 😉) in looks and even Cheryl’s dad. Big hugs guys. It isn’t much at times like this, but sending my love. My heart is truly feeling the heaviness I know you all feel at this time. ❤️

      Bill and Heather Kennedy. Pierson, Manitoba, Canada. Friday, July 13, 2018

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