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Linda tragically died in the devastating Christchurch Earthquake.

Christchurch Earthquake Victims

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    • Linda

      Linda you became such a big part of mum's life you will be greatly missed. You did so much more for mum than your job description required and helped mum in so many ways. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, Linda was a truly special person to mum me and we will never forget the moments we shared. Special thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with you Cara and Caitlin and your family during this time of sorrow.

      Marion Wilson. Christchurch, New Zealand. Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    • To the whanau of linda

      Cara, Caitlin and Whanau, we send you our full love and Aroha during this time and are sorry for a the loss of your mother, sister daughter and friend, its hard when you loose someone so important to you but you have to try remember the good times and the memories that shall forever live on through the you and Caitlin.

      sending all our love to you: Carleen, Stasie, Bev,Jaeden and arapata.xxxxxxxxxx

      Carleen Thompson. melbourne, Australia . Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    • Lyn

      Our deepest sympathies to Caitlin and Cara and the wider family at Lyn's passing. 50 years was too short, yet the lessons of life learned from Lyn will stay with those she touched forever.

      Rest in peace Lyn.

      Claire & Steve McCarthy.

      Steve McCarthy. Auckland, New Zealand. Monday, March 14, 2011

    • Linda Parker

      Linda you were the most amazing caring lady i have ever met. The way you looked after Mum as if she was your own made us feel very comfortable knowing you were there. Cara & Caitlin our thoughts are very much with you and would love to help with the pain you must be feeling. Linda you were one of the best and now you are a real angel in heaven love you and miss you xxxx

      Davena, Rod, Shanelle & Marshall Shields & Lynn Goodhew

      Davena Shields. Christchurch, New Zealand. Saturday, March 12, 2011

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