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Samuel tragically died in the devastating Christchurch Earthquake. He was a journalist for the regional television station, CTV, and was in the building when the 6.4 quake hit the city. He is one of scores of people belived to have been in the building when it collapsed and caught fire. He is survived my his wife.

Christchurch Earthquake Victims

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    • Remembering

      remembering a bright smile of my cousin and it's so hard for the loss of him passing on in 2011, let the angels take care of you up there and he was the most amazing cousin I have ever met R.I.P xoxo

      Kelsi Hughes. Christchurch, New Zealand. Wednesday, November 05, 2014

    • Flowers in the Wind

      We were so saddened by the loss of Sam, a vibrant young man, with so much life ahead of him. Sam's death was really brought home to us when we visited the Memorial Bridge in Cashel Street.

      At our feet was a beautiful floral bouquet quietly moving in a gentle breeze. Sam's face smiled up at us, from a photo that had been placed in the flowers. We tucked your photo, Sam, into the wrapping with tears, so it wouldn't blow away. Rest in peace buddy, until we meet again. You are not forgotten.
      Kevin, Linda, Christopher and Hamish Giles - Christchurch.

      Kevin Giles. Christchurch, New Zealand. Friday, November 30, 2012

    • A professional young man

      Our sympathies go out to Samuel's family,I watched him most nights on CTV news, he was a excellent newsreader and very professional. He is a great loss to the world.All of Christchurch is thinking of you at this sad time. Samuel you were a welcome guest in our house via the tv.

      Liz Olsen. Christchurch , New Zealand. Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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