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Jill tragically died in the devastating Christchurch Earthquake. She was an air traffic controller and had moved from Christchurch from Tauranga a few years earlier. A passionate shopper, she died in her friends clothing store when the 6.4 quake hit the city. She is survived by two teenage children and her partner. Details of trust fund for the family will be posted here.

Christchurch Earthquake Victims

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    • Although it's been a while since we saw one another, you have always in my thoughts. I will miss seeing your beautiful smile, your quirky sense of humor (you could always make me laugh), also your compassion for all others, but most of all your presence and knowing if we don't see one another that you were always a click or text away. I remember when you helped me move house that time and all the laughs we had trying to do the work of 3 or 4 men, and the time we spent an entire saturday night watching soppy romance DVD's, good grief how many tissues did we use that night! We had some good times Jilly.Thinking of you always.

      Michelle Miller. Christchurch, New Zealand. Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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