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Carterton Ballooning Tragedy

Died 07 Jan 2012

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  • Last Name:Carterton Ballooning Tragedy
  • Country:New Zealand
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A holiday ballooning experience ended in tragedy for five couples and their pilot in Carterton. The balloon burst into flames after hitting power lines. There were no survivors. The accident happened just 40 mins after take off on a calm summer's morning. The Carterton ballooning tragedy is the worst New Zealand air disaster since the Erebus crash in 1979.

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Hopping, Lance (53) - Carterton - Pilot
Still, Alexis (19) - Wellington
Jordann, Chrisjan (21) - Wellington
Dean, Desmond (70) - Masterton
Dean, Ann (65) - Masterton
Cox, Howard (71) - Wellington
Cox, Diana (63) - Wellington
Bennett, Valerie (70) - Masterton
Dellabarca, Denise (58) - Paraparaumu
Hopkirk, Stephen (50) - Lower Hutt
Harter, Belinda (49) - Lower Hutt

  • Never forgotton

    I knew non of you, but wish I had known you all. I am still so deeply saddened at the loss of such lovely wonderful people. May God's blessing be with you and the close ones who miss you so very much. I will never forget.

    Andrew Turner. Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

    Wednesday, Sep 05, 2012

  • A rainbow for Lance

    A few days after the accident when we were leaving Carterton we saw this rainbow which seemed to stretch right over the site at Somerset Road. It brought a tear to my eye, I pulled over and took this photo and this is my tribute to them. My love to all the families affected by this and especially to Lance whom I only knew as our school's truancy officer. Rest in Peace x

    Kiri Couch. Masterton, New Zealand.

    Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012

  • What can I say.......

    Just want to say how sorry, i am that this tragic event took place,and by the sounds New Zealand has lost 11 wonderful people.Stay strong,much love.

    Mandy Henderson. Hamilton, New Zealand.

    Friday, Jan 20, 2012

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