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Model and TV personality Charlotte Dawson (47) was public about her battle with depression and it was the disease that saw her found dead in her luxury waterside apartment at Woolloomooloo in Australia. She had struggled as a victim of cyber bullying and losing promotional positions due to her outspokeness about mental health issues. She was found in her apartment a few minutes before it was due to be open for inspection ahead of auctioning it later that day.

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    • Still miss you every day, sweetie.
      An irreplaceable loss to the world.
      Proud (and so unworthy) to have known you for a decade and a half.

      You were worth every brief precious moment, that our paths innocently crossed.
      There were never enough of those brief precious moments

      You profoundly changed my life forever......


      Graham Wolf. Dunedin, New Zealand. Sunday, March 31, 2019

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