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Enid (87) tragically died following a car accident on the steep driveway of her Porirua home. Both Enid and her husband of 63 years were in the vehicle at the time.

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    • Mrs Alexander R.I.P.

      Deepest sympathy extended to Graham,Neville, laurie and families.
      Although not being part of the Alexanders life for many years it still saddens me of hearing this tragic news. Growing up next door and going through primary school with Laurie and spending many hours at the Alexanders during school holidays either outside down the bank or building forts or inside on rainy days building with blocks and making our own fun, they are happy memories that will stay with me.
      Kindest regards
      Boyd Rowe

      Boyd Rowe. Margaret River, Australia . Saturday, February 02, 2019

    • Sorry to hear of this death

      Lee Duncan. Levin, New Zealand. Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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