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    • Vale Geoff Cutfield

      I had the privilege of working with Prof Cutfield for many years at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle NSW, he treated all staff whether you were a Doctor,Nurse or Wardsman with respect and dignity.The lasting memory of him is his smiling face and wonderful personality and not to mention how his anaesthetic records were always simply impeccable. Rest in peace my friend.

      Frank Knight. Newcastle NSW, Australia . Thursday, August 09, 2018

    • One of the kindest men I have ever known

      I first met Geoff 25 years ago when he came back to Dunedin for an Anaesthesia conference. I sat across the table from him at the conference dinner and my memory is one of meeting a person of huge humanity and kindness for others. I had the good fortune to meet him several times afterwards including after he returned to Dunedin, and always enjoyed his company. Rest well Geoff. You will be remembered with affection and honour and can any of us ask for more than that? With deepest respect, Dr Katherine Hall

      Katherine Hall. Dunedin, New Zealand. Wednesday, August 08, 2018

    • Vale Prof Cutfield

      We are so saddened to hear of Geoff's passing. Without his amazing enthusiasm for teaching, his tutelage, passion and friendly approach, I doubt very much I would have become an anaesthetist. His teaching, his truisms, his methods are something I value to this day, and I often think of Geoff-isms- "seeing what everyone else is seeing, but thinking what no-one else is thinking". The medical world can be a harsh and unforgiving place for a junior doctor, but Geoff was a beacon of true kindness, wisdom, endless fascination and joy in the discovery of human physiology and pharmacology. His death is a blow to the medical community.

      Dr Jen . Melbourne, Australia . Wednesday, August 08, 2018

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