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    First Names:Ramiz Arifbhai
  • Last Name:Vora
  • Birth Date:25 March 1990
  • Death Date:15 March 2019
  • Age:28y
  • Country:New Zealand
  • Published Notices:(0)
  • ID:396329

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    • Tegel sister "Margie"

      hello brother, it's been a week yesterday since the incident unfolded, a week tomorrow when I found out you were really gone. miss seeing your big smile around at work. everyday this week going to work has been very hard. we watched you being put at rest yesterday was so so hard. we know you are being looked after up there bro. miss you. much arohanui your tegel family from Christchurch ❤

      marguerita Kahu. Christchurch , New Zealand. Saturday, March 23, 2019

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