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Christopher tragically died in the devastating 6.4 Christchurch Earthquake.

Christchurch Earthquake Victims

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    • Always in my heart 😘

      Three months since I wrote on your page , but speak to you daily, you know how much I miss and love you always 😍
      Had an awesome time in Gissy and we went to all the old haunts and our old house, was sad but we have so many wonderful memories , we went to the lookout in Kaiti, stopping at Homan beach and remembering our wonderful Christmas ‘s there. Had a giggle at the lookout in tatapouri where you went sliding down the side off the hill ... you certainly were a little daredevil , always into something, usually hurting yourself and lots of tears followed 😍😍
      The Hill’s came to stay for a week and we had so many chats and laughs about our Whitianga holidays .....
      But best of all was our three days with Liam , oh my goodness, he is so like you , you would have been so proud of him , he was a pleasure to have and we are looking forwards to having him again in the New Year....
      Everyone is well , Dad’s weight stable and Melanie hasn’t relapsed, she’s really well and happy ...
      Anyway sweetheart , love and miss you so very much , I still think it’s a dream and I’ll wake up and you’ll walk in the door and head for the fridge .... but then I realise it’s not to be..... I’ll see you again one day, till then .... fly high with the angels ......
      Love Mum 😍😘❤️

      Nanette homan. Paraparaumu, New Zealand. Wednesday, September 12, 2018

    • Thinking of you Son

      We are thinking of you as our Golden Wedding approaches .... 10 years ago when we celebrated our Ruby Wedding at the Greek Restaurant Santorini’s in Christchurch ... such an amazing evening you got Dad today dance on the barrels, was so funny !! You were having all the shots and one which they lit set Dad’s nostril hairs alright .... was so funny 😊
      We are heading to Gisborne for our 50rh , back to where it all started 37 years ago .... will try and walk across the crossing on Roebuck Road with Aaron ... and think of you ❤️
      Liam is looking so much like you ... lovely young man , we have the pleasure of him coming up to stay in the holidays next month , so excited ... as you know he has a wee sister Addison And Christine is having another baby in November .... she seems to be happy and liam adores Addison ... we wish that it could have been you here, but sadly it isn’t , all we can wish for us that Liam is happy and that Christine is looked after and loved .... she is still our daughter in law and always will be 😊
      We miss you so very much , fly high with the angels and see you in my dreams .... love you son ... Mum & Dad xxxxxxx

      Nanette Homan. Paraparaumu , New Zealand. Wednesday, June 20, 2018

    • Miss you ❤️

      Well another year nearly passed and so much has happened , we went to Christchurch with Melanie and Darian, the Memorial Wall is beautiful and I'm sure you knew we were there , we went to your bench by the river and then into Cashel Mall, all had a Souvalaki in your honour ...
      We went out and saw Liam in the afternoon , Christine had made your favourite cake (passionfruit ) and we had a slice and cuppa . Met Liam new little sister Addison , she pretty cute and Liam looks happy , Christine too looks happy , and so life goes on ....
      We are happy that they are all happy and settled, there are photos if you around and you are certainly thought of and remembered daily X
      Dad and I miss you so much a huge hole in our lives and hearts ❤️ Mum xxxxx

      Nanettw Homan. Paraparaumu, New Zealand. Sunday, November 05, 2017

    • Another year

      Coming up six years and we still expect you to walk in the door .... But sadly we know it will never happen 😔 We certainly know you are always around us , whoever I am having a bad day you seem to just pop in and let us know you are around ... Music , butterflies , rainbows .... And dreams .... Melanie said she had a beautiful dream of you last night, stay close to her love and make sure she stays strong over the next few months with her treatment , she is trying so hard to be positive X she will be coming down to Christchurch for the memorial .... Hopefully we can catch up with Liam while we there ... I am sure you met his new little sister before she came down to earth .... Liam is pretty pleased with her X love and miss you sweetheart , see you in my dreams 💕💕 Mum & Dad xxx

      Nanette Homan. Paraparaumu, New Zealand. Thursday, February 02, 2017

    • Happy Birthday

      15 August would have been your 40th Birthday ... We did raise a glass to celebrate your day and the memories of your previous birthdays 😘 dad and I not long back from UK ... Was really nice to catch up with all the family x you are always in our thoughts and prayers .... Miss you so very much Son ❤️

      Nanette Homan. Paraparaumu, New Zealand. Friday, August 19, 2016

    • 5 years ❤️

      Our precious son , as the 5 year anniversary of your passing sneaks slowly up on us , Mother Nature has reminded the folk in Christchurch with a reminder that she still holds the reins !!! We have checked and Christine and Liam are both fine as are all our friends, please watch over Liam and make sure no harm comes to him . dad and I travel down on Saturday and will be at Avonside for early morning service also the botanical gardens memorial and a tree planting ceremony at the new memorial wall ..... Will be nice to just have that time with our thoughts and memories of you growing up ❤️ We miss you so very much and you are always in our thoughts daily ..... Biggest hugs 💞 mum and dad xxxxx

      Nanette homan. Paraparaumu , New Zealand. Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    • Well hello 2016. Happy new year Chris xx Xmas was quiet but that's not a bad thing. Finn is now 21 and had a good night. He misses his favourite uncle :) xx he is now a paramedic and makes his mum proud every day. Miss caity is about to start year 13 and I can hear you saying now it's all about having fun !! She want to be a nurse and I knows he can get there she will make an amazing nurse a very caring woman. I am still ticking along and battling this kidney issue but hey god sends us these things to make us stronger. I had to put illy and java down as they were so old and not well xx java was totally blind and illy has an bad bone infection. Boof is still going strong and after a lot of work with a dog whisperer (I can hear you laughing now) he is a different dog. He loves the beach and also made best mates with our goat scrappy coco. He also even tolerates the chickens. I see Liam's pics via Facebook and he is a gorgeous boy christine is doing really well and is a strong woman. Mum and dad are good and celebrating mums 70th in Tasmania xx I think she has eaten the entire prawn life over there :) I wish you could come and visit just to chat and see everyone. I think I am getting better at dealing with your loss but I am sobbing while writing this xx love you my incredible amazing brother and thank you for watching over us all xxx Merry Xmas and a happy new year xxx Mothface xx

      Melanie Homan. Wellington, New Zealand. Saturday, January 02, 2016

    • Christmas without you

      Four Christmases without you here , honestly it doesn't get any easier but we are always blessed with the memories of you , we have never been the type of parents that interfere in our children's lives, they know we will always be there to support them and help them if we can . Christine keeps us updated on Liam and he seems to be doing well at school , hopefully we will get a school photo again this year to see how he has grown , all being well with Dad and Mel we will go to Christchurch on the 22nd February and catch up with them for lunch somewhere nice x love and miss you x love Mum & Dad xx

      Nanette Homan. Paraparaumu, New Zealand. Saturday, December 05, 2015

    • Always in our hearts

      The time just seems to be racing by but you are always thought of and missed daily xx Melanie is still fighting with those kidneys of hers !! All the family are well otherwise , we do hear from Christine and Liam, he seems to be doing very well at school and Christine working x pat and family are all well . Today is Dads 75th birthday, will make him a nice curry for tea tonight xx love and miss you so very much xxxx mum and Dad xxxxxx

      Nanette Homan. Paraparaumu, New Zealand. Monday, July 20, 2015

    • Another year without you

      Just doesn't seem four years since you were so tragically taken x dad and I are flying back to Christchurch for the memorial, a special time to sit and reflect on how the last year has been without you x
      Family are all well , we went to south africa for Nana's 90th and she is looking really well, sadly Dad had to go to UK as uncle Harry ws in hospital , he passed away on the 8th Feb, but Dad said he was so pleased he got to see and speak to him before he died x
      Liam and Christine are meeting up with us for lunch on Saturday , we have had one of your projects from St. Mary's when you were 6 6 6 6 6 framed to pass on to Liam, will be nice to see him again x
      Melanie is so much better, Finn & Caity growing fast x pat and family all well, Madison and McKenzie shooting up x Ness & Kasidy both well too x
      Love you so very much and miss you more than anyone will ever know .... Fly high with the angels ^;^
      Hugs and love Mum & Dad xxxxxxx

      Nanette Homan. Paraparaumu , New Zealand. Thursday, February 19, 2015

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