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Teresa tragically died in the devastating Christchurch Earthquake. She was a nurse at The Clinic on the thrid level of the CTV building when the 6.4 quake hit the city. She is one of scores of people believed to have been in the building when it collapsed and caught fire. She is survived by two young children.

Christchurch Earthquake Victims

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    • 🌳 You are often in my thoughts... I'm sure you'll be sending Al, your boys & family much sunshine ☀️ I am grateful for your friendship & you were an awesome nurse ❤️ Rest easy, beautiful friend

      Friend. Christchurch, New Zealand. Wednesday, November 11, 2015

    • To Alistsair and the boyd

      There is not a day passes when I have Theresa in my thoughts. We shared a special bond and through that bond came her wonderful boys. Miss seeing them at the mall. A
      candle always burns for her and my other friend Lynda..Time doesn't lesson the pain , but like the gentle rain it helps renew our spirit lift our heart and remember love never really dies it just rests in our hearts.
      Fiona and Iain.

      Fiona and Iain. chch, New Zealand. Thursday, March 14, 2013

    • Christchurch One Year On

      In remembrance of Teresa McLean, (n`ee Elms)
      My thoughts are with all of Teresa’s familyxxx

      Maureen Russell. Ashburton, New Zealand. Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    • A beautiful soul

      My loving thoughts and sympathies go out to Teresa's husband, children and family. Teresa was our nurse at the clinic for many years. She was a very kind and caring practitioner and my teenage daughters always felt comfortable with her. She always had a peaceful aura around her - a beautiful soul who will be sadly missed.

      Carla Humphrey. Christchurch, New Zealand. Sunday, March 13, 2011

    • Dear Theresa

      So sorry to hear that you have had to leave your loving family so early, they will miss you so much, my deepest sorrow goes to them. I know Al will be a great and loving Dad to your babies. May the continuation of your journey be filled with "light and Love"
      Margaret Cherrie and Family

      Margaret Cherrie. Brisbane, Australia . Wednesday, March 02, 2011

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